What a super great idea to give a child - an alphabet puzzle to have fun with while learning the alphabet at the same time. Yes, every letter in the alphabet from A to Z is represented in our wooden alphabet puzzles, with each of the 26 pieces interlocking together to form a perfect circle.

The A to Z alphabet puzzle of dinosaurs showcases 26 awesome dinosaurs, with some very elaborate names, which roamed the Earth millions of years ago. The A to Z alphabet puzzle of Wildlife showcases 26 amazing wild animals and birds, from different countries all around the world. The A to Z alphabet puzzle of Sealife showcases 26 colourful sea creatures living beneath our precious ocean waters. Our “alphabet puzzles” are beautifully crafted from Australian made timbers, firstly laser cut then printed with eco friendly ink, each one with bright and bold colours, which will delight audiences of all ages. Each wooden puzzle comes with an information card highlighting an interesting fact about each dinosaur, animal, bird or sea creature in the puzzle.

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Yes, our Australian made alphabet puzzles are a little different from your regular puzzle – they are unique, they are handmade, they are educational, they are fun, they are known as ‘cluster puzzles’, and above all they are guaranteed to be long lasting and perfect to hold on to and then gift down to future generations. Educational Wooden Puzzles

Check out the complementary activity book created for each puzzle and make the combination of alphabet puzzle and activity book the best ever present for your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or best friend and see just how much fun they will have. Even better, head off to school with all your interesting ‘alphabet’ puzzle and share it with your teacher and school friends.


We really do think an “Australian Made gift” makes all the difference when it comes to buying something worth having. Animal Magic Australia stands by its quality certification (Registration Nbr 12303) and we are proud to display the well known “green kangaroo” on all our products.

Australian Made stands for ‘quality’ and ‘quality handmade gifts’ is what we are all about. We lovingly assemble and package our alphabet puzzles in our home-based workshop with each one carefully checked for quality before it’s ready for sale! We also want to make sure your wooden puzzle stays as perfect as it was the day you bought it, so we will always replace a missing piece for you – just contact us for details!

alphabet puzzles

alphabet puzzles

alphabet puzzles

alphabet puzzles


EACH puzzle is laser cut from FSC approved Australian native timber; EACH individual alphabet puzzle piece is printed with quality eco friendly ink; and EACH puzzle is then packaged by hand in a beautiful designer box with a great information card inside.

As the designers and manufacturers of our products, we are always focused on sourcing our raw materials from fellow Australian made partners, especially our timber, which is always sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved forests. This ensures the timber has been grown under an approved sustainable management system which protects the local environment, the local animal habitats and the local community as a whole from being harmed.

We are very conscious of protecting our environment at all times during our production processes. We have installed a multi-layer absolute filtration system, which involves both a particulate and chemical filter, in order to remove 99.9% of particles from any exhaust fumes created by the laser cutting process. Our packaging is all made from recycled cardboard, eliminating all plastics, while any other waste products are taken to our locally approved waste management depot for guaranteed safe disposal.