How wonderful it would be to find a great fun educational gift for your child or grandchild, niece or nephew, or a great present for a cool friend at school, a gift where they can enjoy colouring in the pages and learning interesting facts at the same time. You won’t go wrong with our activity books.

What about finding that special Australian made gift to send overseas, knowing that this educational activity book will bring many hours of enjoyment and fun! What a great way to keep an active child busy during the school holidays, while on a road trip or on a rainy day, while flying interstate or overseas.

Try collecting the whole range of activity books, covering the native animals and birds of many world countries – becoming a ‘keepsake’ collection of knowledge and artistic skill all combined into one! Check out the latest A to Z alphabet activity and colouring books which provide an excellent way for your child to learn the alphabet.

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Yes, our Australian made activity books are a little different from your regular activity book – they are unique, they are educational, they are fun, they are printed on high quality paper and guaranteed to last the test of time. They also have been designed to complement our Animal Magic series of wooden puzzles in order to create a wonderful combination gift idea every time.

They include so many interesting facts about the animals and birds in each puzzle, which can be shared with friends at school, teachers, parents and grandparents. With all new knowledge comes a taste for more so your children will just want to move on to the next country to discover even more interesting facts to share!

And there’s more – a challenging crossword to complete in order to test your new knowledge and memory. See what answers you can fill in, but don’t hesitate to look back through the pages to find the answers – they will all be there, just waiting to be found.

Keep each book as a special treasure, a reminder of special days spent at home with family, enjoying the old fashioned relaxing art of colouring in. Make this Australian made activity book and its matching wooden puzzle the best ever combination present for that special person in your life.


We really do think an “Australian Made gift” makes all the difference when it comes to buying something worth having. Animal Magic Australia stands by its quality certification (Registration Nbr 12303) and we are very proud to display the well known “green kangaroo” on all our products. Australian Made stands for ‘quality’ and ‘quality handmade gifts’ is what we are all about!

educational activity book

educational activity book

activity book

activity book


As the designers and manufacturers of our activity books, we are always focused on sourcing our raw materials from fellow Australian made partners, especially our timber and paper products, which are always sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved forests. This ensures the timber products have been grown under an approved sustainable management system which protects the local environment, the local animal habitats and the local community as a whole from being harmed.

All the information contained within the pages of the activity books has been carefully checked for authenticity before going to print. Our books are printed by Ligare Publishers in Sydney, an Australian made partner. The cover of each book shines with an elegant spot print. The thickness of the paper will prevent any colours from showing through onto the other side of the page, so you can colour at your heart’s content with any type of coloured pencil, crayon, texta or paints. A set of colour dots is provided on each colouring page to help guide your artistic skills.